Rehearsal Safety Measures

Covid safety measures

  • Do a lateral flow test if you can, before you come or the evening before.
  • Wear your mask as you enter and leave, and when you are moving about in the break or other time
  • Sanitising – do your hands as you enter and whenever else you feel the need.  Also, as you leave, please clean your chair and if you are able, leave it stacked at the wall as you go out. If you use the toilet please wipe the “touch points” there too.  Sanitisers are provided around the hall and in the toilets.
  • We will separate the chairs to a one metre distance.


  • At present rehearsals will run from 10.30 to 12.00. Please be ready to sing at 10.30, but don’t arrive too early – the warm up will be short and sweet but will not start until 10.30.  If you are keen you can do a bit more warming up at home before leaving for the choir.
  • Make sure you have the phone number of your Buddy or a Committee member.  We have to lock the  outer gates for security, so phone if you are held up and someone will be on hand to let you in.
  • As the heating is likely not to be allowed just yet, please remember to wrap up warmly.  We hope we will be able to lessen the need to have the doors open for the whole time – only a few minutes at a time at suitable points in the rehearsal.
  • We will not be serving refreshments at the break, so bring a hot drink and a snack with you if you wish. 
  • The social distancing requirement is now lifted, but please be thoughtful about that if you are chatting at the break.
  • Finally – if you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact  your buddy or Margaret Grant and she will try to help.